Simply put, idLink System is a better way to protect privacy. Whether from an individual's perspective or that of a healthcare provider, having a secure and efficient way to access personal identity profiles and patient records is vitally important. With millions of documented fraud cases, clearly the current options are not working.  

Enter idLink. 

With our proprietary and patented technology, we combine multifactor biometrics and anonymity to finally offer a solution that satisfies and secures everyone involved.

See for yourself why idLink might be the last identity management system you ever need.



Anonymization is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets, so that the people whom the data describes remain anonymous. By combining anonymization with multifactor biometrics, we are able to protect you and your private personal information unconditionally.

Access Control

Reduce the risk of compromised credentials and increase user compliance and acceptance of security requirements. Our single sign-on solution grants access simply and easily without requiring external devices or codes that can be lost, stolen or abused.

Secure Repository

Manage access and identity using our secure cloud-based repository. It is fully compliant with industry standards, and our OAuth- and API-based interfaces enable idLink to work with hosted, on-premises and cloud systems to protect information in transit and at rest.

Patient Identity Management
idLink strengthens confidence in patient identity, reducing the opportunity for false positives, data breaches and fraud. Identity is based on an exact match of the anonymized facial characteristics, increasing confidence and reducing efforts to exchange and validate records.

No downloads
With idLink, you never have hassle with downloads or have a specific device to access your portal. Our proprietary and patented technology is web-based, meaning you can sign on with ease from virtually anywhere that has access to the internet.

The idLink web-based dashboard allows you to easily manage individual profiles, team profiles and API Blueprint.

Access Control
Our system allows for role-based access control for API documents.

Easily identify and establish roles for a profile. Users can select or assign the following roles: 

Easily add and/or remove team members from API design projects.

Our shared API Blueprint templates allow users to bootstrap new projects.

Available settings allow for API Blueprint visibility and new team member provisioning.