How It Works

Don’t expose your personal information to identity thieves. 
We anonymize you and your data, using multi-factor biometrics and encryption, without leaving any trace or bread crumbs on your device.

Forget about your usernames and passwords. 
Your biometric identity information and sensitive data is not exposed, even if your mobile device is lost or stolen, because you and your data stay anonymous.

Simple 3-Step Process

Identify yourself (using biometrics)

Validate yourself (using biometrics)

Get access to your information/data

Using 3 Layers of Security

What you are – your face

What you have – your voice

What you know – your PIN

idLink is easy to use from anywhere on any device.

Access to idLink System is standard and universal from any computer that uses a standard camera system:
Any desktop – with a webcam
Any mobile device – including tablets and iPads

As a cloud-based Pas (Platform as service), you can access your data globally from anywhere where internet, Wi-Fi or data services are available, without revealing, remembering, and/or frequently changing your personal access information, i.e. your usernames and passwords.

idLink System supports most of the standard browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE), and extends across all standard operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows).